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How to Conquer Hairpin Turns like a Pro

Hairpins are challenging and not for the faint hearted. When I was preparing to tackle my first mountain, I had to take cornering practices to get rid of my dread. After a while, I realized anxiety was my biggest problem. It so happens that I wasn’t the only one.

Working in the motorcycle imports industry has given me the opportunity to visit different countries as I try out different machines. If you are planning to ride hairpins and switchbacks, here are my two cents on how to survive them.

The first thing you need to do is practice. Hairpins need you to be confident while choosing a cornering line and tilting the heck out of your motorbike. Parking lot tight turns should be your best friend. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Have exceptional slow-speed control to avoid tipping over when you are just in the middle of a corner. Maintain steadiness using sturdy throttle and clutch control. Some of the tightest turns need you to apply counterweighting and the rear brake.

Another thing is keeping an uphill momentum. The good thing is that gravity favors you when going uphill helping you slow down for turns. Step on the gas early enough to maintain stability but not too early to run wide. On the other hand, gravity works against you downhill so you have to use more force to brake. It’s always good to brake early to reduce the intensity of the braking force.

You need to learn how to help your bike turn. This is done by braking past the turn-in point then holding the light brake pressure. Do this until the bike is pointed around the turn then fully release the brakes as you continue to lean in. To keep your bike properly aligned, use the rear brake and maintain the pressure on them after you’ve applied and released the front brakes. This helps minimize your forward pitch and hook the bike around sharp turns.

To keep your speed up and stabilize the chassis, gradually accelerate immediately as you approach mid-corner. This way, your riding path is predictable. You don’t want your bike to be making wide exits so ensure you release the brakes smoothly while cracking the throttle.

Lastly, you got to remember you aren’t the only one using the winding road. You’ll have busses, cyclists, or cars with you. Watch the traffic and plan ahead to avoid any accidents.

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Yamaha R15 V3 Advanced model of Bike

Yamaha Company is a Japanese biggest automobile manufacturer company. Yamaha is established in the year 1955. It is among the largest producer of automobiles in the world. Yamaha manufactures bikes in a small capacity, though bikes gained much popularity because of the quality and advanced features added to the bikes. Yamaha bikes are the first choice among youngsters. The company designed bikes in such a way which give a unique and perfect look to the bike as compared to other competitors in the market. Yamaha R15 is one of the most dashing and powerful bikes designed by the company. Its exceptional and latest features attract ample customers. The new model of the Yamaha R15 gives tough competition in the market. The company is keeping on updating the latest features and advanced technology into the model.

Features and Specifications:

Yamaha R15 is one of the popular bikes. It holds the attention of the bike lovers. The best part about the Yamaha Bikes is that it is manufactured with the powerful Engine, i.e. it has the latest 155cc single-cylinder which possessed the liquid-cooled engine. In addition to this, it is mated with a 6-speed gearbox, and it also consists of an assist slipper clutch.

Yamaha R15 V3 motor is able to generate a 19bhp of power and 14.7Nm of peak torque. The compression ration of the Yamaha R15 V3 is also increased. The engine of the bike is also an updated one. In this new model, the addition of the Variable Valve Actuation is also done by the manufacturer. It will keep on assisting you about the fuel consumption. Variable Valve Actuation is an additional feature added by the manufacturer that helps to update about the fuel consumption.

The seat of the Yamaha R15 is highly comfortable. It has been extended to 800mm to 815mm. Th wheels of the bike are also modified for better stability. This bike is also come up with unique color combinations which are the centre of attraction for the bike lovers.

The fuel tank of the bike is also large, i.e. 11 L. Moreover, it also contains Hydraulic Single Disc for both Front and Rear Brake. It is designed with advanced Headlight LED, and Tail Light LED. It is one of the best Yamaha bikes as its price is also reasonable.

Yamaha R15 Price starts at Rs. 1.35 Lakh. The extraordinary features offered by the company are negligible in front of the cost of the bike.


It is undoubtedly giving tough competition in the market. It one of the most selling bikes in India. Its performance and design are modified up to a great extent. It comes up with the latest features.…

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Obtaining a Vehicle Requires Sound Judgment

A situation has arisen in your life that will require you to obtain an alternative vehicle if your lifestyle is to remain consistent, but you have been driving the same car for 20 years and don’t know where to begin when it comes to obtaining a different vehicle. The first step to planning will come in the form of a budget, then comes the decision on what type of vehicle to obtain, whether to lease or buy it, what dealership to go through and much more.

The process may seem tedious, but one can make it a lot smoother with a few tips and tricks. One needs to decide what sort of route they wish to go with. Some are designed to be short terms solutions while others are longer solutions. The important thing to decide is what sort of vehicle an individual is looking for. One has to ask themselves what they wish to get out of a vehicle and how frequently they will be driving it. This will go a long way in deciding what car to acquire via a loan or purchase. In order to get an idea on what they can afford, a budget must be certain.


The fiscal responsibility involved with owning or leasing a vehicle is high. There are payments to be made and a person doesn’t want to fall into the pitfalls of missing critical payments. Plan ahead when you budget by projecting monthly costs associated with having a vehicle: this will include things such as monthly payments to a lender, fuel costs, costs of insurance and maintenance. A car costs much more than the purchase price may read.

People have different needs when it comes to his or her automobile. Some view them as more practical machines while others prefer luxury. Whatever a person needs within a vehicle, they can find dealerships that fit them. Whether they are looking for a Lexus for lease new york ny or a cheap used car used to drive around a small radius, there will certainly be options.

To Buy or Lease

Leasing is like borrowing a vehicle for 2 to 3 years. Terms of the lease are negotiated at signing and one pays monthly fees to continue to drive the vehicle. After the lease is up, one simply returns the vehicle. It isn’t uncommon for car dealerships to have programs in place that allows a driver to lease to buy, meaning they can then buy the vehicle upon completion of the lease.
Other people prefer to finance their vehicles by owning it. It is theirs and they are responsible for all costs associated with it. There are benefits and disadvantages to both options and a person wants to make sure they are aware of all of the variants when deciding what to do. It is advised to find a trusted dealership that will be transparent and patient with your needs. Driving a car is a big responsibility that one wants to plan correctly.…

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Get the Right Auto Care for all Your Vehicle’s Needs

If you want to do what is right for your vehicle and want to keep it looking good and in as good of shape as possible, then you need to take it to an auto shop regularly to get all kinds of care for it, including detailing. You will want to keep the vehicle clean so that it feels like new. And, you will want to keep up on things like oil changes and brake inspections so that the vehicle will run as smoothly as you would expect it to all of the time.

Don’t Leave Any Detail Undone

Go to an auto shop near you to get the detailing done so that you can get it done without any inconvenience to you and so that you can go back there each time that you want to get the vehicle thoroughly cleaned. Any auto detailing raleigh nc in your area will be the quality cleaning that your vehicle has been needing since you bought it, and you will like how you can get this done anytime that you want your vehicle to feel new again. So, find an auto service near you that does detailing and get your vehicle there regularly.

Get Great Care for Every Need

No matter what kind of service you need, whether you want to have the vehicle detailed, or you want to have the tires replaced, you will want to get great care for every need. And, it is a good thing if you can find an auto shop that will provide you with every service that you need because if you trust it, then you will happily go to it for everything. So, look at all of the auto shops in your city to find one that will give your vehicle the care it needs.

Know When It’s Time for A Service

Keep track of your vehicle and when it needs to have various services done, such as a transmission fluid change or the brake pads changed so that you know when to get them done. You will keep your vehicle running well when you keep up on all of the maintenance work. And, if it feels like too much of a struggle to keep up with when things need to get done, then ask your auto shop to remind you when to come in so that you will never let anything go too long.

Always Take Good Care of the Vehicle

When you take good care of the vehicle from the detailing to the maintenance work that needs to be done for it to the way that you handle it, you will keep it in good shape. And, you will feel good about that because it means that you can either keep driving it for a long time or that you can resell it for a good price in the future. So, find the auto services that know how to do everything and bring your car to them when it needs any kind of work done.

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Three Things To Look For In A Mechanic When Getting An Oil

One of the most common services automobile owners tend to get done is the oil change. Oil changes can ensure that you get more miles out of your car as well as preserve your engine. The problem is, it can be difficult to find a quality mechanic to perform this much-needed service. Here are three things that you should be on the lookout for when choosing a business to change the oil in your car.

Great Recommendations

If you want to know the quality of work a mechanic offers, then you need to ask around. Log on to Facebook and ask your social network, check Angie’s list for reviews, and speak with your family and friends. Find out what type of experience they had with them.

Did the mechanic seem trustworthy and experienced? Were their repairs done in a timely manner and were they upsold while they waited. Most importantly, did they have issues after the mechanic completed the job? It’s a good idea to remain objective so that you can get a clear consensus of everyone’s experience.

Search for a Specialty Shop

If you want to find a mechanic for your car oil change boulder co search online  but if you would like to get the most out of your shop visit, you should consider working with a specialty shop. Sure, an oil change is a job that most mechanics have been trained to do. However, it doesn’t mean that they have an in-depth knowledge of how your specific car works. In fact, in many cases, they will likely have to consult manuals and guidebooks.

The best part about specialty shops is that they specialize in the make of your vehicle. Those who have a specialty will know even the small details of how your car operates and functions. Another advantage is that they rarely order parts because they tend to have them on hand.

Cleanliness and Organization

Auto mechanic shops are often associated with oil stains, dirt, and piles of tools. However, if you want to ensure that your mechanic is going to offer a quality oil change, there should be order in the chaos. More specifically, the tools shouldn’t be scattered around. There shouldn’t be cars haphazardly placed around the property. Your car should be given back to you in the way that they received it.

Does the garage appear to use seat and floor protectors? Are there dirt and oil smudges on the door handles and windows of the cars? Sure, car shops are naturally going to get somewhat dirty and greasy, but the way in which they organize themselves can say a lot about what you can expect.


A trustworthy mechanic can be invaluable. This is especially the case when it comes to getting routine things done such as your oil change. That’s why it’s so important that you take the time to do your research. After all, your car is a very costly investment and requires quality care.…

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Upgrade Your Wheels and Tires

There are so many ways to customize your vehicle. One of the best places to start when modifying your car is with the wheels and tires. Most any Spinning Wheel Store can help you get you headed in the right direction. As you will find on Wikipedia, a majority of people who want to customize their cars start with the wheels. In fact, a third of modifications include custom wheel spinners. These custom wheels have been growing in popularity since the 1990s. More now than ever before people are anxious to customize and modify their vehicles to give it a personalized touch unlike any other car on the road. Whether you’re planning to attend a car show, a race, a contest or you just flat-out love your car and want to improve it, this is a great way to begin.

How To Know What Wheels To Choose

With so many options it can be tough to make that decision to ultimately know what will look and feel right on your vehicle. Custom wheels come in all kinds of finishes that can be painted and polished. You can go for a more classic look with a traditional chrome, or jazz things up with a color that you love. The Los Angeles Times released an article in 2004 talking about the over growing popularity of spinner rims and they quoted SEMA spokesman, Jim Spoonhower, saying “Some of it is a matter of being unique. You’ve had polished aluminum, chrome steel and wire wheels, but nobody has ever done anything like a spinner before. It’s about uniqueness. You want to stand out from the rest of the crowd.” Spinning wheels have been around for a long time and today the market is only getting better with more variety and more personalization options. Making the right decision can be tough, but there’s no need to worry or become overwhelmed because there is so much information available to help you. It’s easier than ever before to speak with a specialist and find the best wheels and tires for your specific needs. Keep in mind that the better the tread on your tires, the safer you are on the road.

Your Car Should Be Just As Unique As You Are

Just like you want the best for yourself, you should want the best for your vehicle. Choosing new wheels isn’t just about looking great, but also about performing great. This upgrade can drastically improve your driving performance and your traction while driving in harsh conditions. Wheels that stay spinning even when your car is stopped is an incredible head turning addition that can make you feel that new car excitement all over again. Upgrading your wheels and tires is such a very wise decision and possibly one of the most important choices when it comes to your car. Check out Popular Mechanics for helpful tips and extra guidance on what type of wheels and tires are best for you.…

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Having Your Damage Windshield Repaired

No one likes walking outside their home and finding their windshield damaged. Most of the time it’s nothing more than a crack or a long-cracked line. Other times, it’s badly damaged because of the hailstorm that passed through your neighborhood while you were asleep. Either way, you need to get it fixed right away. There are numerous ways to make this happen, and the repairs are not that expensive. When you look at the situation, it’s not as dire as it seems, and you will be surprised at how easy it is to get someone to fix your windshield.

Finding A Reputable Company

You can find a good windshield repair company anywhere. There are those that are huge and have a named brand business. Also, you can look in your local newspaper and find windshield repair businesses that are cheaper and can do the same reputable job. It’s for you to decide how much money you want to shelve put to have your windshield replaced. Some of them will take your insurance if you have a rider policy regarding your windshield repair. Others will only accept cash. You will probably want to pay cash though because these particular companies may not charge you over $200 to repair your windshield. That way you don’t have to go through the hassle of filing a claim. Another good reason to go with such a company is that they can come to you. If your windshield is badly damaged where you can’t drive or you have an unsightly crack but happened to be at work, these companies are mobile and can come to you. It really doesn’t take any more than 15 to maybe 20 minutes to pop out the old windshield and professionally install the new one. You can search online for any windshield repair portland or in your area.

The Payment

As stated before, our windshield repair should not cost that much with the local companies that take cash. If you go with a name brand, expect to pay at least $400. However, you want to save money and need the best deal. Plus, that company may not take your insurance. If they do, then go on and file a claim. Most insurances have a rider policy you can add on for such things as a windshield repair. Since no one likes the idea of driving to rocks falling off of a big truck and hitting their windshield or a dying bird flying beak first into it, you can surely get it repaired fast so that you can be about the rest of your day taking care of more important things.

It’s good to know that you have options when it comes to getting your windshield repaired. You can either drive your vehicle to a company or you can get the mobile service. It doesn’t matter because either one will do a great job for you.